My Story

My life has always been surrounded by good food and the outdoors. That may sound a bit random, but stick with me…

My dad was a golf-pro by trade, turned golf course designer and my mom has been in the food and beverage industry her whole life.  When I was about 5, they bought Sumac Ridge Golf Course and Restaurant in Summerland, BC.  (Yes, it’s a place. And no, it’s not always summer all year round 🙂 ) When I didn’t have school, I remember waking up early in the mornings and running around the golf course while my dad would water the greens and mow the fairways.  I was such a tom-boy, dirt-eating, wild child, but I loved it.

Then in the late morning and afternoons I would be with my mom in the restaurant, cooking, cleaning and helping out in any way that I could.  This is also where I fell in loScreen Shot 2015-09-29 at 1.59.28 PMve with food.  The ingredients, the process, and then of course the end results: the meal!

Being an Elite Athlete

If you know my dad and his golf talent, then you probably know that I should have been a golfer.

Unfortunately for him,  I discovered soccer when I was about 6 or 7 years old and that was that.  Every other sport was too slow or not exciting enough.  My love for the game later afforded me many opportunities, like playing for the Vancouver Whitecaps Women’s Team and also representing my country.  I was lucky enough to play for the u15, u17 and u20 Canadian National Soccer Teams.  I even won a CONCACAF championship with the U20 Canadian National Team and represented my country at the U20 World Cup in Chile, 2008.  I was the youngest on the team and the lead scorer for that tournament.  Those experiences changed my life.  I traveled to Asia, Europe, South America, Central America and all over North America before I was old enough to go to University.

When it was time for University, I knew I wanted to go to the States.  Why? Because they have some of the best soccer programs in North America and I wanted that ‘big time’ college experience.  So I committed to The University of Wisconsin-Madison on a 4 year, full-ride scholarship.  I didn’t realize at the time, but going to a Big 10 conference school would be the greatest time of my life!  I made lifelong friends, lived in a new country for the first time and received two valuable majors (Life Sciences Communication and Sociology) and two minors (Certificate in Leadership and Digital Studies).  University is also when I really started to become passionate about health and wellness.  Being an elite athlete taught me the importance of diet, nutrition and sport-life balance.  I knew that I wanted to continue not only learning about health, but also make a difference after I was done University.

What I’m Doing Now

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 2.32.22 PMI am currently living in Norway with my boyfriend of 4.5 years, Adam.  Adam is a professional soccer player (for 7 years now) and a pretty great guy.  We actually met back when we both played for Vancouver Whitecaps in the physiotherapy room of all places.  We reconnected years later and here we are!

On the career front, I am currently working for an amazing health and supplement company out of Vancouver, Canada.  They’ve allowed me to grow, learn and write about health and wellness, which I absolutely love.  I will be linking to some of those articles on the blog, so check them out 🙂

16 Other Things About Me

  1. I received my black belt in Tae Kwon Do at 13.
  2. I am deathly afraid of birds, especially crows.
  3. The aim of Mindfully Mon is to create a space of reference for people to prepare healthy, delicious and easy meals (without breaking the bank).  It’s also a space to share my current adventures and travels with you!
  4. I am indulgent at times.  We only live once, right? (Aka: sometimes you should just eat that cookie)
  5. If I could pick one type of food to eat for the rest of my life it would be Vietnamese food, hands down.  Pho is seriously my soul food.
  6. I’ve lived in 4 countries so far: Canada, the US, Germany and Norway.
  7. I’m a tea enthusiast: roiboos, green, matcha, white – I’ll drink anything.
  8. I also like coffee (usually blended with some coconut oil)
  9. Although I learn, live and breathe health and wellness.  I am not a nutritionist nor a dietitian.  I like to think of myself as I health-conscious, holistically routed, fresh food cook.
  10. I do enjoy wine. Usually red.
  11. I also turn red when I drink (unfortunate part of being half-asian)
  12. I’ve turned into a dog lover (because of Adam).  Now we just need to decide what kind we want!
  13. I’m an avid DIY-er, or at least I try to be.
  14. This is my first attempt at a blog and I hope you will enjoy it and be patient with me 🙂
  15. I’m into the idea that you should choose local, organic and sustainable food ingredients whenever possible.
  16. I also believe health is a continual journey.  If you’re always learning, growing and trying to become a better ‘you’ you’re on the right path.